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The Truth About Turkey Teeth: Are They Safe?

In recent days, Turkey Teeth have been a viral topic on the internet. The term has been discussed by many people after some social media influencers did their teeth work in Turkey. Here, we will discuss all the sides of this, including the good and the bad, and also discuss the safety and scope of treatment in the country.

What is Turkey teeth?

Turkey teeth are simply described as the artificial teeth treatment done in the Country. These are whiter and more square than the natural teeth, which makes them more appealing.

The term is usually used for people who visit Turkey for dental treatment purposes. In countries like the USA, dental treatment is very expensive. That’s why people think of visiting Turkey for Dental and Visiting purposes.

The treatment is accepted by many people for the better aesthetic and cheap price. However, doing teeth in Turkey has been discouraged by many dentists. It’s not because it’s cheap, the treatment is done in a very invasive way.

All types of dental work in Turkey are not addressed as the Turkey Teeth. The term indicates particularly front tooth crowns or veneers, which require more tooth preparation than normal.

How did the term become so famous?

The term was first introduced in the Tiktok. The Trend became viral, reaching Millions of users. In Early 2020, English supermodel Katie Price went to Turkey on a vacation and got her teeth done from there. She shared the photos of her new teeth on social media accounts, which went viral.

katie price turkey teeth
Credit: ok Magazine

Later, In TikTok, different influencers started talking about the treatment. The low cost and good look of the teeth were focused on the contents, which led many foreigners to go to Turkey for the procedure.

But, the treatment didn’t go well for Katie Price, as two of her teeth fell off. She posted one of her photos without wearing the veneer, where she looked horrible, as the teeth were totally shark-like. She had to return to Turkey many times for follow-ups to correct the complications.

Katie Price turkey teeth failure
Credit: Devon Live

Later, Jack Fincham, the Love Island Winner took the treatment for improving his facial aesthetic. Initially, he received good results, as his teeth looked whiter and more appealing. He thought of saving thousands of dollars, but later he ended up regretting it.

Jack Fincham Turkey Teeth
Credit: BBC

What Actually is done in Turkey teeth?

If a patient has a broken tooth or unaesthetic front tooth, dentists often suggest getting a crown or veneer as a treatment plan. Dental crowns are artificial caps, which resemble the natural teeth and replace the lost part. The tooth needs to be prepared before the treatment and there is a principle of tooth preparation.

The dentists have to cut some portion of the tooth in order to adapt the crown perfectly into the tooth. The tooth preparation principles are maintained by all the dentists in the world, which is 1-2 mm depending on the treatment type.

In the front tooth veneer, the anterior portions of the front tooth are covered with tooth-like materials. Here, minimal tooth preparation is needed. this is done to people to whom aesthetics is the main concern.

But in Turkey teeth, the treatment protocol is different in almost all cases. There, the dentists shave an excessive portion of the natural tooth during tooth preparation. This gives the teeth a tiny shark-like projection. Then, artificial, bigger, and square-shaped crowns are introduced to them. Here, the tooth preparation principle is not maintained. the treatment gives excellent results initially but starts to show complications as time passes.

Is Turkey Teeth Safe?

There are many opinions on the safety of the procedure. However, most dentist agrees that the treatment is not safe and may have some complications.

Turkey is always famous as a tourist destination. people around the globe visit the country for vacation. In recent times, because of the teeth trend, people have become more interested in dental procedures. Some dentists are trying to take this advantage.

There have been many complaints about some dentists in the country for scamming. When a tourist seeks dental treatment, they offer discounts on the treatments, which seem cheap and eye-catching. If someone doesn’t get enough information on which dental clinic is better before the treatment, they become a victim.

Some dentists just show the eye catchy outcomes to the tourist without discussing the possible complications of the treatment. Due to a lack of knowledge, some people lose the functionality of their teeth permanently. In the case of foreign treatment, the scope of follow-up visits is also low.

This doesn’t mean that all the dental professionals in the country are bad. There are highly qualified dentists in the country, but you have to gather prior information on them before taking any treatment.

In a report by NWS and BBC, it was shown that most dentists suggest front tooth veneers and crowns, even if it’s not needed.

What are the bad sides of Turkey Teeth?

The front tooth veneers or crowns, that we know as the Turkey Teeth have numerous bad sides. Some of them are:

Destroying healthy teeth:

The basic fundamental of dentistry is to save the teeth in the oral cavity in their original form. Dentists don’t harm perfect and healthy teeth by performing any dental procedure. But, in the case of Turkey teeth, the healthy teeth are cut and trimmed in order to place new veneers and crowns.

Excessive Trimming the teeth:

The most common drawback of the treatment is that the teeth are trimmed and cut severely in order to fit the artificial denture. this preparation of teeth causes many problems including loosening of the prosthesis, and most importantly loosening the tooth structure. The teeth are over-prepared for the adaptation of large and square teeth.

Faulty Aesthetic:

The size and shape selection of the teeth totally depend on the anatomy of the patient’s teeth. Dentists give ovoid crowns to ovoid-shaped faces, square crowns to square-shaped faces, and round crowns to round-shaped faces. But in Turkey Teeth, dentists don’t maintain this and use square-shaped teeth in almost all cases. Some patients complain of having a bog prosthesis, and others complain of not matching the teeth with the facial profile.

What are the complications that may arise?

A person who has visited Turkey and got dental work has to suffer from many complications in the future. the complications may arise after 1 or 2 years of the treatment. This results in regret, as it isn’t always possible to go back there for follow-up.

Here are certain complications that may occur after the treatment:

  1. The artificial crowns tend to fall from the jaw. As a very small size of the tooth remains under the crown, it fails to give proper retention to the artificial cap.
  2. temporary or permanent nerve damage can occur due to aggressive tooth shaving.
  3. You may feel pain after the Turkey Teeth treatment. The dentists in Turkey don’t maintain the standard precautions of tooth preparation, which is why your pulp can be exposed resulting in severe pain.
  4. The large artificial tooth often irritates the gingiva. This results in gingivitis and periodontitis in advanced cases.
  5. Dentists fail to provide centric occlusion and centric relation of the tooth. This causes occlusal disharmony, resulting in discomfort.

What should we do before taking Dental treatment in Turkey?

Dental treatments are so high in developed countries, that’s why people go to get treatment from abroad. If you are attracted by the low treatment cost of Turkey, you can take it. But before that, you have to take certain precautions.

As most of the complications and complaints arise from the front tooth crown and veneer, try avoiding that treatment. Do comprehensive research on which dental clinic is best and which dentist provides the best treatment in the country. A skilled and professional dentist will never harm the integrity of your natural teeth.

Try not to fall into eye-catching offers after visiting a random dentist. Ask him about the procedure and complications. A good dentist will always tell you the risks after the treatment.

You can also see reviews of the dentist on the internet. You should ask him any questions that come into your mind about the treatment.

What types of dental treatments are safe in Turkey?

There are many other dental treatments other than Turkey teeth, you can take them while you are visiting the country. As we mentioned earlier, all the dentists are not the same in the country. Like That, all the dental treatments are not risky either. Here are some dental procedures that you may take:

Root Canal Treatment:

You can take root canal treatments from the country. if you have a faulty tooth, that was suggested for root canal treatment, you can do it on a single visit from a professional dentist

Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction is a safe dental treatment, that can be performed by any dental professional. The cost of the treatment is less in Turkey.

Tooth Filling:

You can do different types of filling including GIC, and composite filling from eh country. Make sure to take the treatment from a professional dentist.

Scaling and polishing:

If your teeth are full of plaque and calculus and have stained, you can visit a dentist in Turkey and treat that at a very low cost.

Final Thoughts on the Turkey Teeth:

Turkey is a great tourist destination. the country is great for its traditions and culture. the scenic beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, some dishonest dentist takes advantage and causes harm to people instead of treating them.

Our opinion is not to take any front tooth crown or veneers while you are visiting, as there are many chances of the treatment failing. You can take normal dental treatments which are costly in your countries, which are mentioned above. but if you want to do crowns and veneers at a low price from the country, take the treatment from a well-qualified and professional dentist.


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