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Tom Cruise Teeth Transformation: Before and After

Tom Cruise is the heartbeat of millions, the most handsome person, and one of the biggest superstars in the Hollywood industry. His smile is enough to take away the sleep of millions of his fans, but unfortunately, it was not this Charmy before. He had to go through some dental procedures to solve the problems with his teeth and get this amazing look. Here, we will discuss Tom Cruise Teeth Transformation: Before and After.

Early life and career:

Tom Cruise was born in 1962, he is currently 61 years of age. He had an affection for movies from a very young age. Tom appeared first time on movies on Endless Love in 1981. He gained enough spotlight to turn the course of his career. In 1984, his acting in The Risky Business nominated him for the Golden Globe award in the Best Actor category.

Tom Cruise gained worldwide recognition and fame for his acting in the movie, top gun. He was in the sequel of the movie, Top Gun: Maverick, which was nominated for the Academy Awards. Tom Cruise has been nominated for the Oscars four times, but the actor hasn’t been able to win this for once.

Tom Cruise has acted in many movies throughout his career. He is famous for his character of Ethan in the Mission Impossible saga. He has acted in The Color of Money, Magnolia, A Few Good Man, Edge of Tomorrow, Risky Business, and many more throughout his career. The actor has worked hard from the beginning of his career, and he is known for doing his stunts all by himself.

Tom Cruise Teeth Before: What’s Wrong?

The teeth of the famous actor seem to be perfect, but he had many problems with them before. Here are the problems that the actor used to have in earlier days:

Tom Cruise Teeth Before
Credit: Pinterest

Midline Shift:

If you look at his smile thoroughly, you will find that the midline of the teeth doesn’t match with the midline of the face. The midline is shifted slightly to the left. This is not hampering his look, but we have to consider it as a dental problem.

The most possible reason behind this is that he has a missing teeth in his upper left segment. He may have lost a tooth in the early period of life due to trauma or injury from sports. The remaining teeth of the upper jaw shift toward the available space.

Broken Tooth:

It is said that Tom Cruise acted without his dental crown in the movie, the Outsider. There, we saw that one of his front teeth was broken on one side. This can be also the result of injury from playing.

Tom Cruise Teeth Before
Credit: Digital Spy

Orthodontic problems:

Tom Cruise’s front teeth had some orthodontic problems. The teeth were misaligned, as one of the front teeth was inclined. He also had an inclined upper front tooth. The main reason behind this was missing a tooth on the left side.

Tom Cruise Teeth After: How did he treat the problems?

As one of the biggest stars in the film industry, Tom Cruise always has to maintain his smile. Tom Cruise has never hesitated to consult a dentist and take the necessary dental treatments.  Here is how he did that:

Front Tooth Crown:

At his young age, Tom Cruise had a broken front tooth. This significantly decreased his facial aesthetic. So, he had to use a front tooth crown to look at his tooth. He has done it in the early 80s before starting his film career. At that time, porcelain crown was favored by all the doctors because of their aesthetics.

As dental crowns are not permanent, and it has to be changed every 10-15 years, Tom may have changed his crowns several times. Currently, he is using a high-quality and high-aesthetic front tooth Zirconia crown.

Tom Cruise
Credit: Variety

Tooth Whitening:

Tom Cruise may have to undergo a tooth-whitening procedure to maintain his amazing smile. he has gone through the procedure throughout his career, we could see visible stains on his tooth surface.

Orthodontic Braces:

To correct his malaligned tooth and orthodontic problems, Tom had to use the fixed orthodontic appliance. He was seen to wear a ceramic orthodontic brace in a movie premiere. Orthodontic braces are best for treating malaligned and inclined tooth, as it permanently retains the tooth in a new position in the most efficient way.

Tom Cruise Teeth after
Credit: Braces Blog

Tom Cruise Teeth Vaneer:

One of the most asked questions by his fans is that if Tom Cruise uses dental veneers or not. As per our analysis, he doesn’t use any dental veneer in his teeth.

Dental Veneers are used to cover only the front portion of the tooth. But, as a film star, Tom had to make his tooth more natural. For this, dental crowns are the best solution, as they cover both the anterior and posterior portions of the teeth.

Dental filling, especially composite fillings is best for rebuilding the aesthetic. But Tom Cruise chose the best solution, and that is the Front tooth crown.

Midline Shift Problem:

Tom Cruise developed his midline shift problem at a young age. The problem can’t be solved when the developing stage is completed. the problem can be camouflaged, and that’s what the actor did.

As we mentioned earlier, Tom lost a tooth at a young age. He should have consulted a dentist now. To prevent the shifting of the teeth, dentists apply space maintainers in the empty space/ This prevents the migration of the adjacent teeth to the space.


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