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Anna Kendrick Teeth: Know Her Plastic Surgery journey

Anna Kendrick, an American actress, is well known for her acting. But she has also been on top of the topic for her facial transformation throughout the years. Here we will briefly discuss Anna Kendrick Teeth and the transformation she has gone through.

Who is Anna Kendrick?

Anna Kendrick was born in Portland and is currently 38 years of age. She started acting in her teenage. At an early age, she was regular in the theater. However, the actress got the major spotlight for acting in Twilight. She also acted brilliantly in the movie Up in the Air.

Later, she acted in the movie Pitch Perfect, released in 2012. Later, she also appeared in the movie’s two sequels. The movie was a commercial hit and gained her huge fame. She played the role of Cinderella in the movie Into the Woods. Anna Kendrick has acted in many movies like Trolls, Alice, Darling, Woman of the Hour, and many more.

Anna Kendrick is also known for changing her looks. She has undergone many surgeries to change different parts of her face. She has spent a lot to gain a more attractive look. Anna was nominated for the Oscars in 2009 for her role in the Up in the Air. The actress has won MTV Movie & TV Awards three times.

What were Anna Kendrick’s teeth Problems?

If you see the teenage photos of the actress, you will be able to see major changes in the teeth. Here are the problems that the actress had in her teeth:

  1. At a young age, Anna’s teeth seemed larger than normal. The front teeth were large, which seemed odd to her face,
  2. Anna may have had an overbite in her front tooth. If you see the picture closely, the front upper teeth cover and overlap most of the lower teeth.
  3. The actress’s teeth were also pale and discolored. The teeth were yellowish, hampering her aesthetic.
Anna Kendrick Teeth
Credit: Huffpost

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How were her teeth treated?

As Anna was a popular figure in Hollywood, she had to work with her smile to make herself more attractive. She had to go through a dentist to correct the possible teeth problem. Here is how she overcame the problems:

  1. Anna’s teeth started to look normal as she grew older. The actress may have ground and polished her teeth to look more beautiful and natural.
  2. She may have taken some orthodontic treatment to correct her teeth’ minor malalignment and overbite.
  3. Anna owns white and attractive teeth these days, which means Anna Kendrick has gone through a teeth whitening procedure. This removed the yellowish tint of the teeth.
  4. As a popular actress, Anna has to visit the dentist regularly and solve any dental problem she faces.

What Plastic Surgeries Did Anna Kendrick Take?

Anna had taken many plastic surgeries to reshape her appearance. Here are some of them:


Anna has had rhinoplasty surgery to change the shape of her nose.

Face Lifting:

The actress has had surgeries to make her face look more lifted. She made her chin more sharp with plastic surgery.

Eyelid Reshaping:

She has remodeled her eyelids with plastic surgery, which looks more aesthetic and beautiful.


The actress is reported to take Botox regularly to make her skin look younger and decrease the effects of aging.

Breast Enlargement:

Anna Kendrick hasn’t officially announced anything about breast surgery, but there are rumors that she has gone through breast augmentation surgery.


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