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Taylor Swift Teeth: Amazing Transformations Over the Years

Taylor Swift, the diva of the music industry, has stolen the hearts of her millions of fans with her personality, looks, and smiles. Throughout this article, we will discuss the amazing transformation of Taylor Swift Teeth.

Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is an American songwriter and singer. She has been displaying her versatile talent and god-gifted music from the beginning of her career. Born in 1989, the singer started her musical journey as a singer in the coffee shop. She was born and spent her childhood in Pennsylvania. Swift had her interest in music from a very young age, she started taking music lessons from nine years of age.

In 2006, Taylor Swift released her first album, ‘ Taylor Swift’. The album remained at the fifth position on the US Billboard 200 for more than 3 years. The name and fame of Taylor Swift soon started to spread. In 2008, she released her song Love Story, a song of her album Fearless. The song made her famous worldwide, peaking at number 1 on the Australia Billboard.

From then on, Taylor Swift became a living sensation. She has released 10 albums in her career, including Commercial Heat. Taylor Swift also has a world tour almost every year, from where she earns millions. In October 2022, she released her latest album, Midnights. The Grammy has nominated the song ‘Antihero’ from the album for the year’s best record.

Taylor Swift won many awards in her career. She has won 12 Grammy awards in different categories. She has won 40 American Music Awards, the highest in history. In 2023, she was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 7 different categories, also a record. She is also one of the wealthiest singers in the industry; Taylor Swift has a net worth of 1.2 Billion USD in 2024

What were the problems with Taylor Swift’s Teeth?

Taylor Swift has one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. From a very young age, she was known for her beautiful smile. Her teeth seemed bigger from then, but this made her more appealing to her fans. Here are the problems we found with her teeth:

Chipped Tooth:

In 2013, Taylor Swift broke one of her teeth while singing in a concert. The crown portion of the tooth was chipped after being hit by the microphone she was using.

Taylor Swift Chipped Tooth
Credit: Nicki Swift

Later, she revealed that she had broken one tooth after hitting the microphone. If you look closely at the photos of Taylor Swift, you will see that her right canine is broken. But you will hardly notice it if someone doesn’t tell you about this.

Gummy Smile:

Taylor Swift also had a gummy smile at a young age. A Gummy smile is a condition where there is too much overgrowth in the Gingiva tissue. Her gums were visible and looked bulky while she smiled.

Over Bite:

There is another problem with her teeth: she overbites. Overbite is the vertical overlapping of the teeth more than normal. If not treated, overbite can develop deep bite, which may damage the oral soft tissues.

How did she solve her teeth problems?

Taylor Swift has always been confident in herself. Despite having some teeth problems, the diva kept her original looks for years, and most of her fans love her for her original look.

Taylor Swift broke her teeth in 2013 and kept them without repairing them for almost ten years. She repaired her chipped teeth in 2023. Taylor Swift may have repaired her teeth in the following ways:

  1. Filling
  2. Crown
Taylor Swift Teeth Fixed
Credit: Elder Ordonez /Splash News and Pictures

Taylor Swift’s dentist may have used filling materials to restore the broken part of her tooth. Composite filling is the best material for that. She might also have taken a crown for her broken tooth. A porcelain crown is enough to replace the missing part and give it a natural look.

Furthermore, Taylor Swift didn’t go through any other dental procedure. Her gummy smile vanished as she grew up. As the shape of her face got more prominent, the gummy smile seemed to go away. Taylor Swift also visits the Dentist regularly to polish and whiten her teeth.

Does Taylor Swift have veneers?

Some of Taylor Swift’s fans question whether she had a veneer. Taylor Swift tends to leak her front tooth very often. However, according to our analysis, the musician uses no veneer.

Throughout the years, Taylor Swift has retained the original shape of her teeth. Her teeth look almost the same as they did 15 years ago. If Taylor Swift had a veneer, the shape of the teeth would be changed.


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