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How Much Is Teeth Bonding?

Teeth Bonding is one of the most common procedures that a patient has to go in the Dental Clinic. There are many myths about the cost of Dental Bonding. Some people think the procedure a costly one, but here, we will clear all your confusion on How Much Is Teeth Bonding.

What is Teeth Bonding?

When a part of your tooth is lost due to trauma or other reasons, the dentist often suggests you go with Dental Filling. Dental Filling is a treatment to restore the missing part with filling material. But, now a days, dentists suggest cosmetic teeth bonding, which is a less invasive and more convenient procedure.

It is a dental procedure, where, bonding agents are used in the tooth to change the color of the tooth and change the shape of the tooth. Teeth bonding is a very common dental procedure.

There are many bonding agents in the market, which chemically bonds with the teeth and give them a natural shape. Adhesive Systems,Composite Resins, Etchants, Silane Coupling Agents, Flowable Composites, dentin bonding agents are usually used.

When is the procedure required?

Teeth Bonding is essential in the case of decayed or broken tooth. It can be of two types: Light Cure and Self Cure. Here are the reasons why bonding agents are required:

To resore damaged tooth:

The main need of a bonding agent is to restore the broken or chipped tooth in the oral cavity. It is a minimally invasive procedure which helps to maintain the proper shape of the tooth permanently.

Prevent Microleakage:

Bonding agents are very important to prevent microleakage between the teeth and materials. Micro leakage is the passage of materials, bacteria, and debris through the micro pores. This can eventually lead to secondary caries.

Remove Spacing:

If you have a very minor spacing in between you teeth, your dentist will suggest you teeth bonding. The adhessive resings will fill the speced part by matching to the color of the tooth and remove the spacing.

Better Aesthetic:

Composite filling materials are mainly suggested for their better aesthetic. Dental bonding helps to retain the original color of the filling materials similar to the tooth. But, the cost of teeth bonding is less than other dental procedures.

Better Marginal Integrity:

The procedure provides better marginal integrity.

Teeth Bonding Procedure:

There are few steps that a dentist have to go through in order to perform a successful dental bonding. Here are they:

  1. At first, the dentist will conduct all the clinical examination to see the fit of the teeth for the procedure.
  2. If the patient is eligible, proper isolation of the teeth is done. Local anesthesia is administered is needed.
  3. Tooth preparation is done in order to remove carious and decayed tooth parts. Dental Bars are used to do the procedure.
  4. After that, etching solution is aplied into the tooth. Phosphoric acid is a widely used etchent.
  5. Then, bonding agents are aplied in the tooth.
  6. Curing is done, normally the curing is dome in two ways, self cure or light cure. Self cure takes more time, while light cure technique is less time consuming.
  7. Finishing and polishing of the resoted tooth are done to give it a shape like a natural one.

How Much Is Teeth Bonding?

The price of the dental bonding varies depending on some factor like:

  1. The number of the teeth
  2. The ease of the procedure
  3. The dental Clinic you will visit
  4. The position of the tooth in the orla cavity

Normally, for a single tooth, the teeth bonding costs from $100-$500 USD. In case of multiple teeth, the cost may increase. There are some dental clinics who gives discounts if you take multiple bonding at a same time.

The price of the teeth bonding also depends upon the hardness of the procedure. In case of severy decayed tooth, dental bonding is time consuming for the dentist. For complex cases like these, dentists may charge more. in case of simple cases, the procedure can be done within $100-$200, while for coplex cases, dentist may charge $300-$500

The position of the tooth in your oral cavity also plays an important role to determine the pricing of the procedure. Usually, dentists charge less for front teeth tooth, while it increases in case of posterior teeth. The front tooth bonding can be completed within $100-$200, while the cost of the posterior tooth bonding may be up to $500. this si How Much Is Teeth Bonding.

Benifits of the procedure:

There are ecrtain benifits of the dental bonding procedure. Here are some of them:

  1. Teeth bonding helps to imprve the aesthetic of the teeth by giving them a better look.
  2. The treatment procedure is used to prevent caries and decaed as well as chipped tooth in a more convenient way.
  3. The procedure can be completed in a single visit.
  4. The procedure follows a conservative aproach, as a result, the chance of loosing your teeth is zero percent.
  5. There is no labritory fabrication needed like dental crown or bridge procedure.
  6. If the bonding fails, it can be repaired easily in the dental chamber. The cost of teeth bonding repairing is also low.
  7. This is a very affordable dental procedure, as it costs very less than the crown or dental filling procedure.

How to take care of Dental Bonding?

You should take proper care, if you want a long lasting dental bonding in your teeth. These are the measures you can take in order to make the dental bonding last longer:

Maintain Good oral Hygine:

There is no alternative of maintaing good oral hygine. You will need to brush twice a day after meal to keep your roal cavity clean. This will keep your dental bonding strong and also prevent other oral diseases.

Non Abrassive Toothbrush:

Use non-abrassive tooth brush and paste to prevent the damage of the bonding agents.

Quit Smoking:

If you have gone through a dental bonding procedure, you must quite smoking. Smoking causes staining to the teeth, which may harm the bonding agents.

Avoid Sugery Foods:

If you want your teeth to be healthy, you have to avoid consumption of sugery food. Sugary foods helps in accumulationg bacterias in the tooth eventually resulting in dental caries. If secondary caries develops in the bonded tooth, the dental bonding will fail.

Take Consultation of dentist:

If you find any problem in the bonded tooth, visit your dentist as soon as possible.


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