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Anthony Davis Teeth: A Great Transformation

Anthony Davis is a professional NBA player, who has been playing a vital role for the LA Lakers. If you are one of his fans, and you have been following him for a long time, you may have noticed a great transformation in the alignment of his teeth. Here, we will discuss on what were the problems of Anthony Davis Teeth, and how he treated them.

Anthony Davis Teeth, What does dentistry say?

At a young age, Anthony Davis had many problems with his teeth. There were problems in both of his jaws which impacted his aesthetics. Eventually, he treated his upper jaw and then went with the treatment of the lower.

Anthony Davis Upper Teeth problems: 

Anthony Davis Upper Teeth
Credit: youtube

If you closely look at the NBA star’s upper jaw, you will find that the left central and lateral front teeth (left central incisor) are broken. The most possible reason behind this is trauma at a very young age, which may be from sports.

Anthony Davis lower teeth problems: 

Anthony Davis Teeth
Credit: Chicago tribune

Anthony’s upper treatment problems were easily solvable, but in his lower jaw, he developed severe dental deformities. He was trolled by many people for this. here are the major problems we could find:

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When the teeth don’t get enough space in the arch, crowding occurs. there remains a discrepancy between the tooth material and the respective jaw arch length. Crowding can be of three types:

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe

In Anthony’s case, the crowing was severe. That’s why the teeth were not properly aligned in his lower jaw. His lower front teeth became inclined as they didn’t get enough space in the proper position while erupting. For this. the player developed a class 2 malocclusion according to the incisor relationship.

Impacted canines:

Apart from the lower front 4 teeth (central and lateral incisors), his canines were impacted. There are many reasons behind this like the late shedding of the primary canines, the long path of eruption of the canines, or the shortage of space in the dental arch.

How were the problems treated?

Upper Jaw:

Anthony treated the problems of his upper jaw with dental crowns. The front tooth crowns helped to improve the aesthetic, give them a close-to-natural look, and also improve the functionality.

Lower Jaw:

His lower jaw problems needed orthodontic interventions to be cured. As the teeth of the lower jaw were severely crowded, he had to go with tooth extraction first. For severe crowding, the first premolars are extracted to get the desired space.

After extraction, his dentist applied fixed orthodontic appliances, which are also known as braces in his lower jaw. The force produced by the appliance caused different types of tooth movements and helped to move the teeth to the desired position.

With Dental Braces, both the inclined incisors and the impacted canines were positioned and aligned in the correct way. this corrected his overbite and overjet and helped to get a healthy and beautiful sime. This is how the Anthony Davis Teeth were treated.

Anthony Davis Teeth After
Credit: Sportico


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