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Milly Alcock Teeth: What’s wrong with her smile?

Milly Alcock is an Australian Actress. She has acted in many incredible movies and TV shows, but the Australian star al the spotlight after her appearance in the House of the Dragon. She had the role of Rhaenyra Targaryen prequel to the popular TV series Game of Thrones. A lot of her fans have an interest in her teeth. Here, we will discuss Milly Alcock Teeth.

Milly Alcock Teeth, what does dentistry say?

People working in the media spend thousands of dollars to have the most perfect appearance. In media, everything matters, including facial expressions and smiles. Milly has always been known to maintain a very healthy life.

Her upper interiors, which means incisors(the front two teeth) seem bigger than the natural ones. They are also slightly proclined. The most probable reason is that she may be a long time thumb sucker. In dentistry, this is an orthodontic problem, we can describe it as class 2 division 1 malocclusion.

Milly Alcock Teeth
Credit: Reddit

How Can her problem be treated?

This condition of Milly Alcock is usual and can be properly treated with orthodontic treatment. The ideal treatment for her teeth will be performing proximal stripping on the upper anterior to reduce the tooth size and using fixed orthodontic appliances like braces.

But, Barces seems to be unaesthetic to most of the patients, and as Milly is a celebrity, this will affect her public appearances. She can go with a removable invisible active retainer, which will correct the problem temporarily within 2-3 months. The drawback of a removable invisible retainer is that the treatment takes a lot of time to be finished.

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What do the fans say about Milly Alcock Teeth?

Everything was going well for the celebrity, but some of her own fans started criticizing her teeth, that they didn’t look good. The controversies started after September 5, 2022, when people started talking about her teeth in a thread on Reddit.

One of them said: “There’s something really weird about her teeth/mouth (overbite?). And she looks like she’s 12 without a lot of makeup. I would say a 5, a 6.5 (at most) with makeup and clothes that show she’s not a kid lol ”


Reddit comemnt 1
Credit: reddit

One even said her that she is the young female Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said,

“Milly Alcock’s teeth make her look like a young female Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s said her teeth came in at a 45 degree angle. Betcha she was a long-term thumb sucker. Her gums look very red and unhealthy in photos where you can see them. Likely a mouth breather. Sorry, I worked in the dental profession for several years….”

Reddit Comment 2
Credit: reddit

But, most of her fans, who loves her thinks that the look of her teeth has given her a very younger look. One of her fans said,

“7-7.5. She has a very youthful look, definitely on the cute/ethereal side.”

Milly Alcock teeth
Credit: reddit

Her fans love her as she is, but she has all the options to correct the abnormality, which even makes her prettier to some people.

And the most important thing, she doesn’t have anything wrong with her smile, everyone is beautiful the way he or she is.


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