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Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance

Dental implants are the best way, through which you can replace your missing tooth in the oral cavity. A dental implant is a device, which is put into your jaw bone for the support and retention of the artificial teeth. This is the most advanced method of replacing missing teeth. We will know about the Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance here.

Dental implants can be done on single or multiple teeth, based on the number of edentulous spaces. It can be done on any tooth, both anterior and posteriorly. As it is an advanced method of treatment, offers great aesthetics and functionality, and is also a time-consuming procedure, the treatment costs a good amount of money.

If you have insurance, the company will bear most of the cost of the treatment. but if you are out of any insurance coverage, it takes around 3000$-6000$ for a single tooth implant in different states.

Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance in different states:

Here are the costs of dental implants for a single tooth in some states of the USA:

  • New York: $4,500
  • California: $2,000
  • Texas: $1,500
  • Florida: $6,000
  • New Jersey: $5,500

The cost of the treatment is highest in Florida, as it is $6,000. In New Jersey, the cost is about $5,500. In New York, it costs $4500 for a single tooth implant. The price is low in states like Texas and California, it will cost $1,500 and $2,000 for a single tooth implant in these regions. These are the price of only the implant, you will also have to do some additional tests and procedures to undergo the treatment.

Full Mouth implant cost:

This price also varies from state to state. Here is an overview of the dental implant price for a full mouth:

  • New York: $35,000
  • California: $50,000
  • Texas: $20,000
  • Florida: $52,000
  • New Jersey: $34,000

Like the single tooth implant, the cost of the full mouth implant is the highest in Florida, it costs $52,000 there. The cost is the lowest in Texas. Surprisingly, you will have to spend more on a full mouth implant in California, it costs $50,000.

Additional procedures for dental implants:

As we mentioned earlier, the patient has to undergo some additional procedures and tests before having an implant. For this the total Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance increases. These procedures include:

CT Scan:

At first, the dentist will do a CT Scan to see the condition of your bone beneath the socket. The CT scan will reveal whether the bone is okay for the procedure. CT Scan costs on average $400.

Tooth Extraction:

You may need to extract any existing tooth you want to replace, which may be decayed or mobile. The extraction may cost $ 400-$500.


To fix the implant in your jaw, an abutment is needed. The quality of the abutment determines the success of the treatment in most of the cases. The price may vary from $1000-$2000.

Dental Crown:

This is the artificial tooth, that will fill the missing part in your dentition. The price of the crown varies based on the quality of the product. Normally it varies from $1000-$2000 from state to state.

Dental Bridge:

To make the implant stable, a dental bridge is used. This is also used to fill the space between teeth. The price varies from $4000-$5000.

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Why the Dental implant prices vary?

There are different reasons that the Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance varies. Here are some reasons:

Quality of the materials:

For a dental implant, different types of materials like abutments, crowns, bridges, etc are required. Each of the products has a different variety, which are of different prices. For example, the price of a Zirconia crown is much higher than the price of a Porcelain crown. Gold crowns are more costly. The quality of the Zirconia crown is far better than porcelain crowns, that’s why the Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance also increases.

Number of the implants:

If you wish to replace more than one tooth through a dental implant, the cost of the treatment will increase.

Ease of the procedure:

The cost of the procedure also depends on the erase of the procedure, as dentists charge higher for harder cases. So, if your edentulous space is harder to reach, time-consuming to prepare, and consists of other abnormalities, the dentist will charge more for the treatment.

Your location:

We know that treatment cost varies from state to state in the United States. If you are from areas like Texas or California, you will be able to complete the treatment at a cheaper price, while states like Florida, and New Jersey cost much higher for a single tooth implant.

How Much does the insurance cover for a Single tooth implant?

You will need to have a dental insurance plan if you want insurance coverage on dental implants. For this, you will need a clearance from the dentist for the necessity of the treatment. dental insurance covers up to 50% of the treatment cost in the United States.

Most of the medical insurances doesn’t cover dental treatment including dental implants. So, before making any medical insurance, be sure they cover insurance for dental treatment too.

What are the alternatives to dental implants?

A dental implant is basically a fixed partial denture. It is the best in the class, that’s why Single Tooth Implant Cost Without Insurance is more. But, if you want to maintain the aesthetic as well as the functionality of the missing tooth, you can have some alternative dental treatments that cost less. here are the options that you can take:

Dental bridge:

A dental bridge is a treatment of fixed partial dentures. In dental implants, the abutment is inserted into the jaw bone, while in dental bridges, the abutment is given from the adjacent tooth. This is a faster and less invasive procedure, and there is no need for surgery. But, the retention is not as good as dental implants.


You can also take dentures, complete or partial for your missing teeth. Dentures are removable, which means you can remove the prosthesis at your own will. These are not as durable as fixed dentures, but they allow you to maintain good oral hygiene. The cost is much less than the fixed dentures.


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